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NEW Audio Recording available: NOFAS Supporting the FASD Brain During Covid-19 with Nate Sheets

Visit here to hear more FASD conversations like this.


Boulding, D. (2001, September 17). Papers for Parents and Ordinary People.

The Latest Study of FASD Prevalence in CJ system

Support a Bi-Partisan Federal Bill to Advance FASD Research, Prevention and Services.

Please contact your federal senator’s staff person to support the BI-PARTISAN Advancing FASD Research, Prevention, and Services Act (S.2879) , introduced in the United States Senate by Senators Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN). Tell them the your state needs resources, services, and hope for the many families affected by FASD without
state or federally-funded services. Help us make this invisible disability VISIBLE. For more information, go to or contact Enid.

Check out the latest newspaper article about FASD in MA…thanks to Leslie Leff and parents for facilitating this!