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FASD Champions

FASD Learning Communities

With funding and support from the Department of Public Health (DPH) and the Bureau of Substance Addiction Services (BSAS), massFAS has trained staff at several residential treatment programs across the state. We are so thrilled to have these champions working to conduct screenings and provide FASD informed services in our state’s residential treatment programs.

Our champions in action!

Dr. Jack Maypole

Dr. Maypole loves to doodle

As a provider who cares for a number of families with children who have complicated medical and neurodevelopmental issues, I have long appreciated the importance of fostering a robust and connected circle of care on their behalf. Many of our patients have multiple care providers across different agencies, locales and compartments of their lives, and may include home care, behavioral and developmental services, medical providers and other school and community based team members.  To be most successful in helping these children thrive and reach their potential, it is upon all of us to find ways to identify and understand their needs, and to communicate and collaborate with the members of their care circle.

Programs like massFAS are advocating for a subset of children who may not have access to the services and supports for which they are eligible, in part due to the need to update and correct how children on the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum are described and characterized. In too many cases, language and terminology fails to reflect or transmit the challenges they face, or to flag them as having special needs that may be missed, misinterpreted, or inappropriately treated. MassFAS continues to do crucial work to raise awareness, broaden understanding, and to raise the standard of care for these children and their families. Fetal alcohol spectrum is an area of evolving and fast-moving research, and we need to support massFAS in our shared quest to help bring these impacted children into Circles of Care with which they can connect, grow, and thrive.

Jack Maypole, MD
Director, Comprehensive Care Program
(CCP) – Primary Care, complex kids