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Common Scenarios

While FASD manifests in a wide variety of behaviors, below are some common scenarios of individuals and families impacted by an FASD.

Scenario One

A boy in grade school never gets invited to birthday parties because of his social skills and maturity are those of a child half his age. He doesn’t understand personal boundaries and kids tell him to “back off”

Scenario Two

A teenage girl is pregnant and is unaware of the dangers of drinking while pregnant. Her child is removed from her care when the teenage girl is identified as having a substance use disorder. The child is diagnosed with an FASD and sent to foster care

Scenario Three

A man with an FASD loses his job because he “can’t follow instructions.” He becomes homeless and repeatedly goes through the social services system. 

Scenario Four

​A man is repeatedly kicked out of treatment because of his noncompliance to the program. His lack of understanding and special needs are never recognized as what is causing his noncompliance. He is in and out of jail due to petty crimes to support his drug use. He doesn’t understand “cause and effect”

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