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Our Goals

Current Goal

Our primary goal in FY20 is to work with the Massachusetts Legislators to adopt the federal definition of developmental disabilities for adults. This important legislation will include individuals with an FASD (and other developmental disabilities, such as Cerebral Palsy, which are not currently covered if the individual has an IQ over 70) in eligibility for developmental disabilities services in Massachusetts, on par with the national definition. Service provision would ensue for individuals with the greatest need, i.e., those with significant Executive Functioning deficits.

Our Strategic Plan:

Increased Opportunity

  • Create equal access to appropriate services from state agencies
  • Promote a comprehensive and accessible continuum of care
  • Expand intensive services in the home and community
  • Increase resources that help maintain the family unit and help those with FASD live within the community
  • Increase employment opportunities
  • Increase educational supports for individuals
  • Increase housing options for individuals
  • Improve healthcare services for individuals with FASD and develop FASD Diagnostic Center
  • Modify eligibility for vocational and supported living services

Increased Resources

  • Adopting the federal definition of Developmental Disabilities (DD) will expand eligibility criteria to include all developmental disabilities for individuals who have IQs over 70 and who have substantial functional limitations
  • Implement a plan for consistent statewide data collection to determine the number of people with FASD in MA
  • Expand insurance coverage for FASD diagnostic assessments, interventions, and evidence-based treatment approaches
  • Explore various FASD screening opportunities

Get involved…

Raise Awareness

  • Implement and monitor Strategic Plan
  • Increase public awareness of risk of alcohol use during pregnancy

Learn more about FASD…

Visit the link here to learn more about the 4Y Program for foster children with FASD.