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Our family moved to Massachusetts 2 years ago to find supports and services for our son who was diagnosed with FAS a few years back. We’ve found an understanding, supportive community in the Northampton area, but part of this support is because of his IQ which qualifies him automatically for DDS services. It sounds funny to say this about a child’s intellectual ability, but we are lucky. If his IQ were a few points higher he wouldn’t be getting the services he gets, and when he turns 18 he wouldn’t be eligible for the important assistance he would need. So many of our sons and daughters have brains impaired by alcohol in utero, which leave them with a lifelong developmental disability, executive functioning deficits, memory impairment, and socio-economic difficulties, yet they do not get the incredibly important support they need in order to be successful adults, unlike folks in Massachusetts with other developmental disabilities. We are able to build our son’s strengths because of the help he receives. It is my wish that all people with FASD’s would get the same level of assistance.

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